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Karl grew up exploring his athleticism, musical capabilities, and academics. Wisdom from his parents helped him explore everything from dance to gymnastics, violin to percussion, karate to swimming. From those experiences, Karl has grown to understand his mind, body and spirit at a deep level. Having competed as a musician, a swimmer, a collegiate cross-country runner, a triathlete, and as an obstacle course racer, he now knows what is required to be at peak performance.
From his mid-teens through much of his twenties, Karl performed as a professional musician, playing in everything from rock bands to symphony orchestras. When not in the practice room or on stage, he found his solace in endurance training. When issues with nutrition kept him from training all that he wanted, he began to wonder—is there a culture in the world that has found the ultimate human health? The question drove him to pursue a degree in Anthropology, exploring Japanese, Chinese, Latin American, and early Floridian peoples.
After finishing his undergraduate degree, he began helping coach a local triathlon club. The idea of ultimate human health never left him and his curiosity guided him to pursue a master’s degree in exercise physiology. In 2009, he caught a major break and started working for USA Swimming’s National Team Performance Department at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. From there he went on to work for USA Triathlon as their first high performance coaching assistant, learning from elite athletes and coaches, exposing himself to a variety of Olympic sports, running camps and clinics, and providing education at the top tiers of USA Triathlon’s coaching certification courses. 
It was in 2011 that Karl’s desire to become an Osteopathic physician solidified. He moved back to Florida to complete the necessary prerequisites, but the connections to elite sport did not fall away. In July of 2012, Karl began working at the National Training Center in Clermont, Florida—a destination for triathletes around the world. He oversaw the NTC’s Human Performance Lab—testing and training all levels of athletes, including elite triathletes, sprinters, swimmers, weekend warriors, youth, and master’s competitors–until 2017. During that time, he also served as an adjunct professor for the University of Central Florida’s Sport and Exercise Science department.
In 2017, Karl began osteopathic medical school at Rocky Vista University in Parker, CO. Follow along in his journey and enhance your own. Karl offers coaching, consultations, training plans, and more that combine knowledge, experience, and desire to create your ultimate human health.


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